Welcome to the homepage for Nashville Personal Injury Lawyers.

When evaluating someone to represent you in either an auto accident, slip & fall, truck accident or even a wrongful death case, you need to fully understand your rights.  The Nashville personal injury lawyers will help you with information on how many will try to bypass your rights and even offer to settle in hopes of you not understanding how the law works or your rights in the matter.

The men & women dedicated to the law will help you fight for what is just and proper in accordance to the law.  We work for you and will do everything allowed under the law to get you the proper outcome.  Do not try to negotiate with insurance companies as they have years of experience and expertise on their side.  Get the compensation that is due by hiring an experienced person who understands the laws and has dealt with these huge companies (and tactics) before.  Let the experts do the work for you.

Do not go up against huge companies like against State Farm, Allstate, Geico, Nationwide, Progressive and Liberty Mutual without the expertise of a seasoned and experiences attorney.

An experienced attorney will help you through things such as depositions.  Many times, inexperienced people will go to a deposition and say long-winded answers to simple questions.   When an opposing counsel asks something such as, “What color was the truck?”, the proper answer should just be the color in one word and nothing added on such as it was dark or sunny or raining.  Answering the exact question is paramount to the process and should be exact.  Do not add anything to the answer that might empower the opposition to gain from or even use against you.

One of the most important aspects of any Nashville personal injury law case is to be honest with your attorney that was chosen.  What this means is to disclose anything that could potentially harm the case such as an old injury that happened to the plantiff in the past.  With medical records being easily accessible by parties from both sides, this information will be found despite what you think or guess.  Advising your attorney at the beginning of your case allows that person to properly evaluate the information and not be surprised when they are at trial or negotiating a settlement of your case.  Do not hide anything that could ruin your lawsuit because you did not think it mattered or anyone would find out.  They always find out so better be prepared.